Sebert is thrilled to introduce a Revolutionary product that will change the future of our industry.

Sebert strives to provide exceptional and consistent maintenance service. The NEW Autonomous Mowing Robots are able to take the place of 3 operators. One operator can manage up to 3 mowers simultaneously. While the mowers are doing their job, our crews can focus on our detailed work of trimming, pruning, and edging. During cycles of labor inconsistencies, we will be able to manage our crews more efficiently and productively during our maintenance season.

Sebert’s NEW Autonomous Mower and Crew will be operating at selected commercial sites throughout the Chicagoland, Greater Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin areas.

What is Autonomy?

    •  A single operator can deploy three mowers.
    • While the mowers work, the operator can string trim, blow and pick up trash.
    • The operator will be present when machines are operating.


    • There are more than 85,000 injuries and 70 fatalities in the US in 2022.
    • Accidents (involving people, trees, buildings and vehicles) are due to human error.
    • Robots do not make these mistakes.

With a focus on the most advanced technology and safety in mind, our Autonomous Mowing Robots were designed and built by the RC Mowers Robotics team – a team of cross-industry heavy-hitters, led by the experts who developed the U.S. military’s weapons guidance systems, and includes experts who worked to develop U.S. Department of Defense autonomous vehicles as well as leading experts in aviation safety.


    • Autonomy helps us deliver a more precise service.
    • Precise straight lines.
    • Reduced turf damage when turning.

Service Availability

    • Labor supply is very constrained.
    • Growing our workforce is a significant challenge.
    • Labor availability may impact our ability to deliver service in the future.
    • Autonomy allows us to expand our workforce, predictably.

Cost Control

    • The number one driver of service cost is labor cost.
    • Labor costs are predicted to grow between 5% and 10% over the next five years.
    • Autonomy is one tool that will help us manage costs.
Contact Sebert to learn more about the NEW Autonomous Robot Mowers or to set up an appointment for a consultation.