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Natural Athletic Turf, LLC (NAT) specializes in design, installation, maintenance and renovation of baseball, football and soccer fields.

NAT recently received certification by the City of Milwaukee as a Women’s Business Enterprise. This certification was granted through the City’s Office of Small Business Development’s (OSBD) Minority, Woman and Small Business Enterprise (MWSBE) Program.

NAT also holds the National Womens’ Business Enterprise certification (NBENC). NAT specializes in design, installation, maintenance and renovation of baseball, football and soccer fields. Its client list has long included Parks and Recreation Departments, Little Leagues, Golf Courses, High Schools, Colleges and Universities.

The working partnership between NAT and Stano has enabled Stano to expand its range of services for commercial clients to include sports turf installation and to add personal putting greens to our list of services for residential clients.

Natural Athletic Turf, LLC is located at 6650 N. Industrial Road, Milwaukee, WI. (414) 316-0609.   NAT has a long history dating back to 1974 when the company was founded to design, build and renovate sports turf in greater Milwaukee. Because athletic fields provide sport and recreational activities for people of all ages, high quality turf in athletic activities is vital. Our role is to furnish suitable playing surfaces with resilient footing and a cushioning effect for falls.

The demand for sport and recreational fields has grown over the years and Natural Athletic Turf has been at the forefront ……….earning a solid reputation for quality services along the way.

Today, NAT also offers enhanced maintenance services including drainage solutions, winter tree replanting and optional maintenance programs.

More specifically, these enhanced services include:

  • Fertilizing and Weed Control – multiple programs tailored to your specific needs
  • Mowing – one-time or all season scheduled at regular intervals
  • Watering – one-time or as needed to insure germination or long term growth
  • Drainage Solutions – strategic placement of draintile to avoid puddling, standing water and compaction
  • Winter Tree Replanting – replacement of missing trees or installation of new placement

We Install Residential Putting Greens

For our avid golfers, we install both natural and artificial putting greens.


We Offer Optional Programs

  • Create your program to provide a complementary approach to in-house maintenance services
  • Plan ahead anticipating various maintenance services necessary for light, normal or heavy use areas that need special attention.

Be sure to ask about these new services and where they are offered.

This working partnership has expanded Stano’s range of services for our commercial clients to include sports turf installation, and enables us to add personal putting greens to our list of services for residential clients.

Natural Athletic Turf, LLC is located at 6650 N. Industrial Road, Milwaukee, WI.
(414) 316-0609.

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NAT has put together some helpful information to guide you when considering sports turf installation, renovation or maintenance.

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Know What’s Needed? Glossary May Help.

Here is the Industry Standard Glossary of Terms to help define recommended maintenance for good looking fields:

Regular Maintenance – daily, weekly or monthly scheduled lawn care operations completed during the season, such as mowing, fertilization / weed control, watering, etc.

Seasonal Maintenance – periodically scheduled lawn care operations, such as aeration, topdressing, overseeding, etc.

Renovation – a combination of regular and seasonal lawn care operations specifically recommended to repair a turf surface, improve drainage or restore vigor of turf.

Design/Build – all operations necessary to plan, lay out and develop regulation field surfaces including irrigation, fencing, structures and other amenities.

Renovation – repairing areas of the field where damaged, typically on a 3-year cycle

Rebuilding – similar to renovation but typically involves major reconstruction including soil placement, regrading and reestablishment of turf

As any superintendent of a baseball, soccer or football field knows, maintaining good looking turf requires both good planning and careful attention.

Neglect can be costly and unnecessary. Failure to perform regular and seasonal maintenance on a timely basis can create problems that can only be resolved by a complete field renovation. Natural Athletic Turf can help you manage your turf maintenance and protect your investment. Here’s how:

  • We add your name to our “Good Looking Turf” Maintenance Calendar. Then we send you reminders for scheduled maintenance as follows:
    – Recommended annual maintenance
    – Recommended renovation schedule
  • We provide annual inspections and recommend immediate solutions to problems that become apparent
  • We provide a detailed design / build proposal for a top quality field when renovation becomes necessary

Did you know a typical softball field loses up to 20 tons of baseball diamond mix (BDM) every year and that an average hardball field loses 40 tons of BDM annually? That is why a baseball field need the following annual services performed on the “skinned” areas:

  • Remove ridge
  • Add baseball diamond mix
  • Add BDM additives
  • Rebuild pitcher’s mound
  • Reconstruct home plate areas

After 8-10 years, a complete reconstruction of the baseball infield may be necessary.