What is the new green?

It’s our vision for reshaping the landscaping industry.  By eliminating the conflict between “what is best for customers” and “what is best for the environment,” we want to change the way people think about sustainability.

The new green means landscapes that are both environmentally friendly and easier to maintain.  It means building partnerships to help customers care for landscapes season after season.   It means making the most of every resource, minimizing waste and loss along the way.  In short, “the new green” means seeing environment stewardship as a way to achieve business success – both for ourselves and for each of our customers.

In addition to adding beauty, many Sebert enhancement services conserve resources and control costs.  Adding a green roof to your building improves insulation, extends roof life, filters pollutants, and collects rainfall.  For many properties, the most important enhancement is our detailed audit of your irrigation system.  After running tests and making adjustments, we will help you reduce waste with a seasonal watering schedule.

The new green means environmental stewardship:

  • Knowledge of the local environment.

    Sebert Gold LEED Building

  • Making the most of Wisconsin’s natural resources.
  • Using indigenous plants that thrive easily.
  • LEED ® Certification.
  • Low-emission equipment for healthier air quality inside and out.
  • A low-maintenance landscape for long-term sustainability.
  • Using the land responsibly.

The new green means client alliances:

  • Functional designs make the land work for you.
  • Personalizing landscapes to match your passions.
  • Continually educating property owners and managers.
  • Strengthening community relationships.
  • Dynamic problem solving that finds the need and fills the void

The new green means efficiency:

  • A lean operational approach.
  • Water-saving irrigation solutions.
  • Making the most of every budget.
  • Less landscape waste.
  • Smart strategies to eliminate wasted time, energy, and driving.
  • Responsive service without surprises or delays.
  • Protecting your property investment.