To grow quality trees and shrubs exclusively for our customers, Sebert Landscape owns and operates the 75-acre Grace Nursery.  Located outside of Marengo, IL, this unique property is both an oasis and an incubator. The environment at Grace nursery lets us control growing conditions to yield trees and shrubs that surpass industry standards. After careful cultivation, these plants are then shipped directly from the nursery to your property.

The nursery also plays a role in our sustainable vision. The grass fields of Grace Nursery are the home to a herd of American bison, which we raise to honor their importance in North American natural history. We also launched the Grace Nursery Scholarship Program, which provides a full scholarship to an outstanding high school student pursuing an associate’s degree in horticulture.

For more information on Grace Nursery, call Sebert Landscape at (630) 497-1000.


Bluestem Ecological Services is a sustainable company that builds, restores, and maintains native ecosystems.  Our goal is to bring elements of the original Midwest landscape back to its natural state. We develop partnerships based on a balance of people, the environment, and most of all economic value.

Bluestem Ecological will restore your wetlands, woodlands, and prairie – as well as develop new environmentally friendly landscapes that prioritize water conservation, space for pollinators, environmental education and wellness.

Our mission is to develop native ecosystems through sustainable land management partnerships that will last for generations.