OUR BUILDING – Green from the Ground Up…

Sebert’s Gold LEED Building – Corporate Headquarters in Bartlett, IL

At Sebert, we don’t just talk about environmental stewardship.  We act on it. One example is our corporate headquarters located in Bartlett, IL, which features a LEED® certified building, a green roof, and an innovative, eco-friendly landscape.

Want to see “the new green” in action? We invite you to take a tour of our facilities.  Our building and rooftop patio also make great settings for off-site meetings. Read more about our facilities below.  To visit, give us a call at (630) 497-1000.

Our Building

Our 30,000 square-foot corporate office and fleet management center have earned LEED® gold certification. This designation, as established by the U.S. Green Building Council, means that our facilities meet the highest standards for environmental responsibility and provide a healthy work environment for our employees.

Thanks to a variety of energy-saving measures, our headquarters is four times the size of our previous facility, but uses the same amount of electricity and natural gas. The interior of our Prairie-style office features reclaimed wood details – including flaming birch accents and paneling made from 19th century logs retrieved from Lake Superior.  Other green building elements include motion-sensing and self-adjusting lighting, architectural sunshades to regulate temperature, concrete and bamboo flooring, low-VOC paint, and low-flow plumbing.

Our Roof

Because we believe sustainable landscapes can live anywhere, we added our roof.  Above the Sebert corporate office, a green roof systems holds 6,500 square feet of decorative allium and tall grasses. In addition to adding color and texture, this pre-planted customized system insulates our building,, extends the life of our roof, filters pollutants and collects rainwater. Adjacent to this lush landscape, a 2,000 square-foot reclaimed wood deck and pergola give our employees a relaxing spot to grab lunch or get a breath of fresh air.

Our Landscape

As living proof of our green philosophy, our award winning landscape features native plants and several eco-friendly details. The first is a 5,000 gallon water feature, fed by rainwater collected from our facilities and built with stone sourced from within a 10-mile radius.  Surplus water from the water feature drains into a detention pond, which we use to irrigate our property. For even greater conservation. Sebert crews draw from the pond to fill tanks used to water client properties off-site. Additional outdoor elements include a 9,000 square-foot permeable paver parking lot that collects storm water, and a bioswale feature to collect and filter runoff.

Our Garage

When you have such a large, sustainability-minded fleet, you need an equally impressive place to house it. Our 15,000 square-foot fleet center holds our entire fleet and upholds our green philosophy. solar panels on the roof of the building generate about one-third of the electricity needed to power our corporate office. Overhead radiant tubes of natural gas efficiently deliver heat directly to our mechanics’ workspace, eliminating the need to heat the entire building – and quickly defrosting snow-caked vehicles ready for wintertime maintenance. The garage’s green characteristics inspired our prototype solar trailer nearby. Solar film covers the trailer’s roof, and a converter box powers a row of battery chargers for our battery-powered equipment.

If you are interested in taking our Green Building Tour, please contact our Customer Experience Team.

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